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Why injury? It's this simple: more children die from injuries every year than from the next three leading causes of death combined. Nobody knows this because no one is talking about it. In the U.S., one child dies every hour from an injury that could have been prevented. Around the world, a child dies every 30 seconds as the result of an injury. You don’t need to have a child to know that we can do better.


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Round of Applause: The Josh Project

End Injury

Credit: The Josh Project

Credit: The Josh Project

Swimming comes naturally to some people, but for most of us, we have to be taught how to keep ourselves safe in the water. Many children, especially those growing up in urban areas, don’t have the opportunity to learn this important life-saving skill.

That’s where The Josh Project (TJP) comes in. After losing her son to drowning in 2007, Wanda Butts set up the organization to teach water safety to children and families in northwest Ohio. This Round of Applause highlights TJP and its work to keep other families from losing a loved one to drowning.

Watch this video to learn more about TJP:


Here is how The Josh Project describes why drowning is a problem:

Source: The Josh Project

Source: The Josh Project


Offering free education classes and inexpensive swimming lessons, every year The Josh Project teaches more than 100 children and their parents how to be safe in and around the water. TJP even gives kids a “I Can Swim” t-shirt when they pass their water safety tests. Founder Wanda Butts has said for each child reached by TJP, "That’s one life we saved. That’s one less we have to worry about."

That’s one life we saved. That’s one less we have to worry about.
— Wanda Butts

So here’s a Round of Applause for everyone who works with The Josh Project. You really are turning tragedy into triumph. Because of people like you, the world is just a little safer for our children and the adults who love them.

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