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Columbus, Ohio


Why injury? It's this simple: more children die from injuries every year than from the next three leading causes of death combined. Nobody knows this because no one is talking about it. In the U.S., one child dies every hour from an injury that could have been prevented. Around the world, a child dies every 30 seconds as the result of an injury. You don’t need to have a child to know that we can do better.


Yes, It Really Happens: Kids Will Eat Laundry Detergent Packets

End Injury

To a child, laundry detergent packets can look just like candy.

To a child, laundry detergent packets can look just like candy.

The dangers of laundry detergent packets have been well-covered, but a report suggests that parents still aren't storing them as recommended: up, away, and out of sight. Why is this? Well, this video from Nationwide Children's Hospital shows a surprised parent commenting that her daughter went for the laundry detergent packet at the same time she picked up a marshmallow. Like we see with many types of injury, parents may not believe that their children will actually reach for, squeeze, or bite into laundry detergent packets, but yes, it really does happen.

The issues surrounding the safety of laundry detergent packets have caused Consumer Reports, a trusted name across the country, to stop recommending them. As the Consumer Reports video shows, yes, kids will eat laundry detergent packets.

Take a minute right now to do this week's action: Store laundry detergent packets up, away, and out of sight.

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