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Columbus, Ohio

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“Keep it cool” when baking by letting kids decorate the holiday cookies

End Injury

Or the cakes and pies. The kitchen is a hot spot in more ways than one this time of year. All of the activity may tempt children to explore that room and this puts them at risk of burns, cuts, and other injuries. Give the kids a chance to help by icing or otherwise decorating baked goods once they are cool.

Some decorations, like hard candies and gum drops, are choking hazards for children 4 years of age and younger so avoid those with very young children. And continue to follow basic kitchen safety with children by keeping knives and other sharp items out of reach (preferably in latched drawers), using the back burners, turning pot handles toward the back of the stove, and keeping a 3 foot "no kids" zone around the oven.


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